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Cashmer Shawls provide you the finest quality of authentic hand crafted Pashmina by connecting the nomads of Ladakh and the artisans of Kashmir.
Cashmer Shawls aims at producing the most authentic Pashmina and sell it across the globe via our website or other social media platforms.

What is pashmina?

Pashmina refers to a type of fine, soft wool that is derived from the undercoat of Himalayan mountain goats,
specifically the Changthangi breed of goats found in the regions of Nepal, India (particularly Kashmir), and Tibet.
The wool is known for its warmth, lightness, and luxurious texture.
Pashmina wool is highly prized and often used to make shawls, scarves, and other accessories.
These items are known as “pashmina” or “pashmina shawls.”
They are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and are often associated with elegance and sophistication.
Pashmina products have gained global popularity and are sought after for their quality and beauty.
They have become an important part of traditional and contemporary fashion, making them a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

Why pashmina is expensive?

1.Rarity and Limited Supply: Pashmina wool is sourced from specific Himalayan mountain goat breeds, primarily the Changthangi goats.
The goats have a limited distribution and can only be found in certain regions.
The scarcity of these goats and their fine undercoat contributes to the limited supply of pashmina wool, making it relatively rare.

2.Handmade Craftsmanship: Pashmina shawls are traditionally handcrafted by skilled artisans.
The process involves meticulous weaving, often done on handlooms, which requires significant time, effort, and expertise.
The intricate craftsmanship adds value to the shawls, as each piece is unique and showcases the artisan’s skill.

3.Fineness and Softness of the Wool: Pashmina wool is known for its exceptional softness, warmth, and lightweight nature.
The fibers are very fine, often measuring around 12-16 microns in diameter.
The finer the fibers, the more delicate and luxurious the wool, which contributes to the higher price.

4.Labor-Intensive Processing: Obtaining pashmina wool involves a labor-intensive process.
After carefully combing or collecting the undercoat from the goats during their molting season, the fibers need to be meticulously sorted, cleaned, spun, and woven.
These manual processes require significant time and effort, further adding to the cost.

5.Reputation and Branding: Pashmina has gained a reputation for being a luxurious and high-quality material.
Some brands and manufacturers have established themselves as premium providers of pashmina products, which can increase the perceived value and,
subsequently, the price.

NOTE: It’s important to note that not all products labeled as “pashmina” are genuine.
There are counterfeit or blended products in the market that may be offered at lower prices.
When purchasing a pashmina shawl, it’s advisable to research reputable sources and ensure the authenticity and quality of the product.

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